About Matthew

My name is Matthew Hendricks and I write in-depth technical content to help people work, think, and grow.

I was raised on the short-grass Nebraska prairies. Remember the Oregon Trail game? That was pretty much my backyard.

Although, I spent more time wrestling with computers than I ever spent chasing oxen.

This is where my early career in technology first started.

I enjoyed working on my computer, oftentimes modifying old computer games. When we got our first 28k internet connection, the web was in its early years. As I grew up in chat rooms and music message boards, naturally, I began designing templates for Myspace music profiles for fun. I didn't realize it at the time, but my play would provide me an introduction to computer languages.

On the weekends, I cut my teeth with my dad's business climbing and out of ceiling tiles and through crawlspaces helping install networking services for local businesses. This is where I learned the value of high-performance computer networks (and the importance of considering every data link in transaction latency).

My early experiences would go on to help me in technical services for internet startups in the financial tech and telecom industry.

As a former Product Manager for NinjaTrader LLC and Technical Services Manager at Ookla (Speedtest.net), I am a well-rounded technical lead who has written professional content for software products and technical procedures.

My work often requires digging deep into code and operating out of comfort zones. To help me tackle technical problems in my journey, my hands-on documentation approach has taught me to program with JavaScript,  Ruby/Rails, and C#/.NET. But my passion has always been for old-fashion writing and problem-solving.

My recent time studying programming best practices has helped me develop many advanced skills I use every day. From refactoring code, documenting coding solutions, and studying new frameworks, my experiences have made me an expert in technical content management and high-performance computer networking concepts.

In all of my lessons, I've found common ideas that help build on my success and I draw on evidence from my life that provides a path to sharpen my abilities to cater to technical business needs.

I have always used my writing as a force to help me realize my thoughts and I've made it my goal to minimize technical debt for business and consumers.

I currently live in Seattle, Washington as a technical writing consulting and freelance writer.

Enjoying city life with my wife and 2-year-old son.

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