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#mental-healthFrom a Funhouse of Mirrors: Finding Your Way in the World

There are two mirrors that everyone holds. One mirror is depicting of admiration and encouragement. And the other mirror is a distorted echo of judgment and critique.

8 July 2021
#productivityWorking smarter with 36-minute playlists with frequent breaks

From personal experience, it’s easy to recognize that listening to music while I work is enjoyable. But I’ve recently experimented with how music can help me focus on my goals.

24 June 2021
#decentralization#dao#fintechWhat is a Wyoming DAO?

(and how to form one for yourself.)

1 June 2021

Looking for me on LinkedIn? Well, good news - it looks like you found me, anyway!

23 March 2021
#mental-health#productivityHow to plan your day so your creativity and focus will flourish

The best way to genuinely improve mental performance is to understand the natural limits of our brain. By paying attention to your habits, you can learn to cultivate the mind to create your best work.

12 August 2020
#productivityInstall as an App on Chromium-Based Browsers

Recently, I've been using an innovative tool for keeping me focused on my daily tasks and priorities (along with a lot of browser add-ons for writing).

4 August 2020
#mental-healthWhat do you ask yourself during growth in daily life?

Worry and doubt will surely strike at the worst of times. And it’s usually impossible to catch at the moment — it’s not until I’ve started acting and reacting that I realize that stress drives my behaviors or words.

27 December 2019
#mental-healthLiving through the social and economic factors of despair

They will tell you, "someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago".

26 December 2019
#mental-healthWhy I practice time-in

Each day, I try to spend at least 1-hour of time to myself in moments I've learned to call Time-in.

24 December 2019
#mental-healthUnfolding the Reasons Behind An Illogical Action

When I first heard this, I didn't take it to heart and didn't put much time into trying to understand it. With enough time, I've come to understand what she was trying to tell me – if anything, I hope I can help someone suffering from these ruminating thoughts.

11 June 2019
#mental-healthBuying yourself little rewards to keep you going

How does your routine bring motivation in your daily life, your goals, and fuel your desires?

26 February 2019
#mental-healthYour Ego's End is an Honest Start

I think it's a good habit to keep yourself grounded; occasionally it's helpful to let go. Allowing yourself to disassociate, you can see thoughts & themes for what they are—separate from your defenses.

18 October 2018