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Matthew Hendricks

Seattle, WA (98125)

Documentation projects | PM | Tech Services | Tech Writing

  1. Contributes to information resources for operation teams, software projects, and technical content for audiences of both internal teams and customers.
  2. Experienced working in modern content management and version control systems.
  3. Expert in popular markup languages including HTML5 and Markdown, along with various programming meta-languages such as JSON, XML, YAML.
  4. Hands-on with front-end development languages and frameworks (CSS, Javascript, React, Vue.js) and knowledgeable about website development best practices.
  5. Great with organizational details; willing to perform laborious data entry tasks to make solutions more attractive.
  6. Supports day-to-day communication strategies through product management and writing experience while balancing time with project-related administrative tasks and internet research.
  7. Maintains high standards for technical documentation and content management by following appropriate style guidelines.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Matthew has been fortunate to have worked with both large enterprises and smaller startups on highly-technical projects.

  1. See work examples __

Contract Technical Writer at Microsoft

Apex Systems - Redmond, WA

March 2020 to May 2020 (left due to COVID-19 pandemic)

  1. Met with the documentation team’s program manager to review and track documentation assignments in Azure DevOps.
  2. Helped with content development and visualization of the topics for an Azure DevOps Wiki used by 27,000 commercial and consumer support agents on the subjects of onboarding, compliance, and operations.
  3. Made contact and set meetings with the engineering leads and product managers associated with the part of the Microsoft 365 consumer and commercial operations team and asked all the questions necessary to thoroughly document the subject matter.
  4. Took existing content and made it consumable by presenting topics in unit sized chunks, adding visualization, and submitting peer review.
  5. Used knowledge of git to help log revision history and perform bulk maintenance to articles.

Contract Technical Writer at Premera

AIM Consulting - Seattle, WA

April 2019 to December 2019

  1. Worked independently to create a set of 50+ user guides and API reference documents for a workforce administration team’s enterprise software processes.
  2. Researched documentation and process requirements by interviewing subject matter experts to identify business objectives with sensitivity to differences in needs across various groups.
  3. Utilized project management experience to work on tasks for researching, writing, and editing documents while providing project updates to key stakeholders.
  4. Followed company style guidelines to create a clear and concise experience to help employees feel comfortable with vendor material and crafting easy to follow templates and blueprints for the enterprise to quickly document future updates.

Technical Services Manager

Ookla - Seattle, WA

April 2017 to December 2018

  1. Worked on a small remote team responsible for selling and supporting a $3m/year Javascript SaaS product to over 1200 ISPs, data centers, equipment manufacturers, and market vendors around the world interested in client/server network performance testing.
  2. Engaged with a geographically distributed team of developers to address issues with beta and milestone releases and documenting customer-success solutions for the technical service team.
  3. Used working knowledge of web service API architecture to test and debug off-site issues over remote sessions with network system administrators.
  4. Administered help desk for customer-facing FAQs and online product documentation.
  5. Authored Javascript code samples and readme markdown files to demonstrate custom use cases for sale and support routines.
  6. Applied a data-driven approach to automate processes to support knowledge gaps and customer Issues on an ongoing basis.

Product Manager, Technical Support Lead

NinjaTrader - Denver, CO

May 2010 to December 2016

  1. Collaborated with fellow product managers and internal business partners (CEO, software development engineers, UI designers, and data specialists) to craft technical marketing copy, programming guides, and API documentation for the launch of a .NET desktop client.
  2. Used knowledge of Markdown and git to document and track changes in C# code repositories.
  3. Owned knowledge base content processes in a fast-paced FinTech industry for internal and external audiences by continuously contributing to revisions early in a technical support role and throughout tenure.
  4. Researched and explored end-user issues directly with customers and documented feedback while offering insights to help in circumstances that require difficult decisions.
  5. Learned C# programming language which resulted in several subsequent promotions.

Technical Support Supervisor

Falcon Trading Systems - Laramie, WY

May 2007 to May 2010

  1. Managed team of five customer service representatives providing technical support to financial brokers and hedge funds.
  2. Developed how-to tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and on-boarding processes for new customers and technical support staff.
  3. Deployed the company’s first knowledgebase using Mediawiki and Markdown.


  • High school or equivalent
  • Some college - Laramie County Community College Albany County Campus - Studied Psychology and Computer Information Systems


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