I'm Matthew,

I live in Seattle WA.

I've been a product manager, technical services manager, and work currently as a technical writing consultant.
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Technical Writing

I have a knack for developing technical content for both developers and customers with a focus on software systems and programming APIs.


Technical Content Development

  • Plans and creates technical information by writing text, designing illustrations, and enhancing content management systems to support high-value projects.

Programmer Writer

  • Develops documentation and code samples that developers need to do their jobs.

Process Documentation

  • Details procedures used in business processes for technical and non-technical audiences alike.

Past work examples

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Not just technical

My history as a product manager and team leader involved seeing through several creatively-driven projects. My creative content has been featured on several popular curator lists on medium.com


Content Project Management

  • Drives the production of written and visual projects to completion on scope and on schedule.

Creative Writing

  • Drafts well-structured and expressive written word to deliver storylines and ideas using Content Management Systems.

Blog Content

  • Grows website traffic with new blog posts from thorough research on industry-related topics.

Past writing examples

I also know web programming!

My interest in writing technical content has taught me how to build fast, responsive websites using Javascript, APIs, and Markdown. My CSS animations have been picked to be on the front page of codepen.io


Web Project Management

  • Combines creative and technical experiences to manage the entire lifecycle of a website project, from design to delivery.

Responsive and JAMStack friendly

  • Builds fully responsive designs for mobile and desktop that are quick, user-friendly, and enhanced with JavaScript and services available via APIs - check out jamstack.org.

CSS Animations and Transitions

  • Integrates clever animations and user interface changes to improve the quality feeling of a website.

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Reach out

Currently Open to Offers.

I'm available for short-term projects and contracts as needed.

To discuss your requirements, feel free to schedule time from my calendar below:

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Or send me an email at mscohendricks@gmail.com