CATEGORY 2023-01-01

Jamstack Consulting

Revolutionize Your Online Presence with Expert Jamstack Implementation Key Expertise: Jamstack Architecture API Integrations Content Management Systems (CMS) Enhanced Product Documentation Engaging Product Blogs Accessible Marketing Landing Pages Deciding between Jamstack and a traditional CMS can be daunting. With my extensive experience and strategic approach, I’m here to guide and ensure that Jamstack is leveraged effectively in scenarios where it excels, empowering your online strategy. Understanding the Jamstack Advantage Jamstack represents a novel and progressive approach to web development.

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CATEGORY 2019-01-01

Ookla Speedtest Custom Help Content

Overview From 2017 to 2019, I worked on a small team of technical services engineers at Ookla. We were responsible for helping over 1200 ISPs and enterprise customers with their Speedtest Custom deployments. We helped them with everything from initial setup to troubleshooting and debugging. We also helped them with their customizations and integrations. It was this time that taught me the value of High Performance Browser Networking and the importance of understanding how the internet works.

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